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Abbreviated History of Waverley Lodge 4723

Consecrated 16th September 1925

We are a Surrey Lodge under the United Grand Lodge of England.  The Granddaughter Lodge of Royal Alfred Lodge No 777 from Guildford.

We are the Daughter Lodge of St. Andrews Lodge No. 1046. In Masonic terms St. Andrews ‘sponsored’ us.

The reason a new Lodge was sought was the simple fact that St. Andrews was so large that it took between thirty (30) to forty (40) years to be installed as the Worshipful Master. 

It all started in 1922 and it was a struggle to convince St. Andrews that a new Lodge was needed.

The Lodge meetings were held in the Institute. For the war period the Lodge was held in the Owen Hall, reverting back to the Institute when the war was over.

In 1946 talks began about Farnham having its own ‘Temple.’  We held our first meeting in the present Castle Street building on the 8th October 1952.

In 1972, as an example, or membership could be best described as being made up of Artisans and Traders, consisting of Electricians, Plumbers, Builders, Builders Merchants, Painters, Gas fitters, Publicans, a Barber and possibly a few more - all local residents.

Today we also have Business Managers, Software Experts, and Rail Safety Officers in addition to members from the Financial Services sector, Her Majesty's Estate and a retired Former Editor of the House of Commons.

The interests of our past and present members range from being an expert on the collection of Military Cap Badges, Fishing, Horses and Dogs for showing, Writing, Collecting WWII British Infantry equipment, Gaming, and Travelling across Africa to raise money for Charity.

All the Brethren of Waverley Lodge 4723 dedicate this page to:

W. Brother Stanley Dawes (Obit.)

W. Brother Tommy Watkins (Obit.)


W. Brother Richard Graham PPSGW, PProvGStwd

These Brethren worked long, hard hours to compile and create the

History of our Lodge as recorded on the attached document. We appreciate their efforts.