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Lodge Secretary - Officers Duties:


As Secretary of Waverley Lodge my Jewel is Two Pens in Saltire (crossed as in the picture at right) and it is worn attached to the bottom of a light blue collar.

I can be considered the Lodge's Recorder and non-ritual Administrator.

My Duties require substantial lodge experience, Masonic knowledge, diplomacy and detailed paperwork skills.

The Lodge Secretary is the administrative heart of any Masonic Lodge, and so I have a position of great responsibility.

In our Lodge I sit in 'the North' of the Lodge. I say 'the North' because traditionally wherever the Master sits is always called the East regardless of the true compass readings. When in Lodge I work at a desk to his right and halfway down the Lodge.


Some of my duties are:

•To handle all correspondence to the Members

•Prepare and circulate Summonses and Minutes of our Lodge meetings

•Deal with petitions of new candidates

•Communicate with Grand Lodge and with Provincial Grand Lodge (Surrey)

•Participate in the meetings of the Farnham Masonic Hall Company

•Report to the Lodge at our meetings on communications received

•Schedule Committee Meetings

•Keep track of the Members and their Masonic achievements


A Lodge Secretary needs to be well versed in Grand Lodge By-Laws and our own Waverley Lodge By-Laws.


The Secretary's position is similar to a corporate COO, (Chief Operations Officer).


While Masters of Waverley Lodge may serve for a maximum of two consecutive years (but usually just for one), many of our previous Lodge Secretaries served for as many years as our Lodge could get them to, since the heavy workload and responsibility is not something that many are willing or able to undertake. It seems to take a year or two just to become really competent at the job. It's fortunate that the Masonic Province of Surrey, past Secretaries of our own Lodge, and Secretaries of other Lodges are often willing to give guidance (solicited or otherwise).


It is an honour to have this opportunity to be Lodge Secretary and I will do my best to meet the administrative needs of Waverley Lodge 4723.


I can be reached using the Contact Form here.

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